OmniFlex™​ Crossover Cleaning Solutions

OmniFlex Crossover Cleaning Solutions

With OmniFlex™, you can easily use one cleaning system for any task or area in the building. You start with the components you need now and then add components as you require them. This allows you to adapt your OmniFlex™system to your cleaning needs, even as they grow, making it a practical, flexible and adaptable system.

Start with the Basics!

Start with the most versatile trolley-bucket available today. Use it with a wringer for basic mopping or add OmniFlex™ components and tools to build a custom cleaning system to fit your growing needs.

Power up your Cleaning!

When you’re ready to move up, add the OmniFlex™ “black box” Pump component for indoor pressure washing capabilities. Or, add the high capacity OmniFlex™ Wet/Dry Vac to thoroughly remove soils, contaminants and other unwanted matter for true effective cleaning. Or better yet, add them both for the ultimate in high performance hygienic cleaning.

Have You Crossed Over?

The innovative OmniFlex™ approach leverages your equipment and training investment as you evolve your cleaning program. Instead of abandoning existing skills and equipment, grow their capabilities in small, manageable steps. So, when your requirements change, your cleaning system can adapt. Now, it’s easier than ever to “crossover” into high performance hygienic cleaning.