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Innovation keeps us ahead.

In a world of ever evolving technologies, the cleaning industry is slow to take up new technologies. Many cleaning industry professionals find the process of changing from conventional methods daunting. This is partially due to change meaning an investment. Investment in products, training and new ways of tracking productivity.


Here at Spillz we aim to supply technology which can be grasped at even the most basic level. Products which can be used with simple intuition, to achieve just as effective result as if they were used by and experienced individual. 

We offer training and service programs to ensure that the best results are always achieved and our products are running in the most effective way. 

Kaivac develops science-based hygienic cleaning systems that protect the health of building occupants while raising the value of cleaning operations.

Kaivac’s No Touch range cleans restrooms by combining automatic chemical injection, an indoor pressure washer, and a wet vacuum into an integrated system. The OmniFlex range are modular systems designed for hard surface cleaning giving you customised solutions to your cleaning needs.

Our SpaceVac cleaning systems are a revolution in cleaning as they give operators a safe and easy way to clean high-level areas from the ground floor with no need for scaffolding, ladders or cherry pickers.

SpaceVac offers an innovative range of systems for high cleaning of internal, external and ATEX explosive areas with a wide range of tools, poles and accessories.

For janitorial, cleaning and sanitation professionals, demonstrating the effectiveness of your product and/or service is a crucial step in the sales process. 

Hygiena is the world leader in ATP measurement technology. The system sure luminometer delivers instant results to validate cleanliness of surfaces and liquids. The results can be tracked and monitored to ensure standards are maintained.