An innovative range of three cleaning systems for cleaning internal, external and ATEX explosive areas with a wide tools, poles and accessories to allow for high-level cleaning from the safety of the ground floor.

SpaceVac is The World’s #1 High-Level Cleaning System!

The result of over a decades worth of development and refinement, the SpaceVac high-level cleaning system is a precision-engineered cleaning system unlike and other; offering ease of operation and performance. Further – designed with safety at heart – SpaceVac features lightweight carbon fibre construction and the unique safety locking mechanism on our poles, heads and brushes ensure the system doesn’t separate during operation.

Offering operators unrivalled flexibility and performance, the SpaceVac internal system offers a complete cleaning solution, allowing operators to clean up to 12m high, from the ground floor; quickly, safely and efficiently with no need for expensive and time consuming items such as ladders, cherry pickers or scaffolding.


The SpaceVac External cleaning system is heavy duty cleaning system designed to help operators clean external fascias as well as blocked guttering and downpipes up to 16m high from the ground floor.

Our 50mm diameter cleaning poles and external cleaning heads are made from super lightweight Carbon Fibre which provides unrivalled quality as well as keeping weight down – even at the full 16m extension.


 Developed specifically for use in areas designated as Explosive Atmospheres. The system is 100% fully conductive, to guarantee total peace of mind for operators.

SpaceVac was the first system of its kind to be certified as safe for use within ATEX certified explosive atmospheres; where combustible dust and waste builds up over time. Areas where these kind of environments can occur include food processing facilities, engineering planets, storage silos, laundries, woodshops and more.


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